Spotlight on St. John’s Rideshare Partnership with Lyft

Writer Patti Singer has highlighted this week’s launch of the new St. John’s rideshare initiative with an article for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. After several trial runs with ride-hailing service Lyft over the past few weeks, the offering for residents of St. John’s Meadows and Brickstone by St. John’s officially began on September 1.

This special program with Lyft– the first of its kind for senior living communities in the Rochester area– is one that compliments the already robust St. John’s transportation program. “This gives them (residents) more flexibility, more spontaneity,” said Chantel Foster, St. John’s Resident Life Director. “It gives them more opportunity to be who they want to be and get where they want to go.”

Read the article:  St. John’s Gives Independent Seniors a Lyft

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