Notes from Nate

Dear friends, family, residents, and staff,

My name is Nate Sweeney and I recently joined the St. John’s team as vice president of skilled services. I look forward to overseeing St. John’s nursing home, our fantastic adult medical day program, and our lovely Green House Homes in Penfield.

I am thrilled to have joined the St. John’s family after following the company for years from afar. St. John’s has a nationwide reputation for innovation, care, and excellence in our industry. So much so that I leapt at the opportunity to join this team and thus have relocated from Baltimore, Maryland this past spring.

Moving to Rochester, I have come to realize how much pride people take in their homes, neighborhoods, and community; and with good reason! This is a great place to live. As a newcomer to the area and new employee, I have gained a renewed empathy for folks as they navigate health care systems, this very large building, and all of the changes that people face when they are in need of more support. That support, however, can take the form of welcoming, kindness, and care from those who are more situated.

Anne Giglia, Nate Sweeney, Milton Bull, Dominic Puccio

I have been lucky to receive such kindness and welcoming from staff, families, and the residents of St. John’s. I approached the Resident Council and asked the members about various activities that I could be invited to as a way to see and experience their daily lives. I asked them to think about the things that they are proud of and want to show off.

While our industry still has much room for improvement, I believe that starting from our strengths and what is working well is the foundation to continue the never ending journey towards embracing life. I look forward to visiting even more of the small homes, and committing this organization towards creating meaningful experiences that deepen relationships and increase individual growth for elders and those closest to them.

Nate Sweeney, Vice President of Skilled Services

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