St. John’s CFO Named Award Finalist

St. John’s Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer Robert Earl was named a finalist for the Rochester Business Journal’s 2018 Financial Executive of the Year Award. His nomination was based on the outstanding financial leadership that he has provided over the past two years, as well as his dedication to making sure the wants and needs of all St. John’s stakeholders are considered when making touch fiscal decisions. “Rob’s compassion for residents and understanding of the needs of staff drives him to make best use of resources,” says Charlie Runyon, St. John’s President and CEO.

Robert Earl at RBJ Awards Ceremony

Rob Earl came to St. John’s in 2012 as controller after nearly five years managing the finances for the Monroe County Department of Health and Human Services. He was promoted to chief financial officer in 2016.  Rob is adept at identifying the financial intricacies between different business units at St. John’s, and he enjoys the challenge of developing unique strategies for each of them. “What is so interesting about St. John’s is that we operate within such a huge marketplace with such great need,” Rob says. He points to exploratory work being done that looks at services that would better support various groups throughout the community, including people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. “That is exciting—to create new business models and be able to realize the gains financially but also to give back to the community.”

Congratulations to Rob for his much deserved nomination!

Robert Earl Rochester Business Journal profile

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