Never Too Late to Embrace Fitness

Laura Leistra, Esther Cable, and WHEC’s Brennan Somers

May is Older Americans Month and the 2018 theme is “Engage at Any Age.” St. John’s marked the occasion by discussing  fitness and the importance of staying physically active on a local television program.

Featured on the May 20 edition of WHEC Channel 10’s “Rochester in Focus” were Esther Cable, a 95-year old resident of St. John’s Meadows and Laura Leistra, Rehabilitation Director of HealthPro. Esther believes that her dedication to staying physically active has had a huge impact on her longevity (she has lived at St. John’s Meadows over 20 years) and has helped her avoid major injuries while allowing her to recover from the ones she has suffered.

Laura explained the overall mindset of embracing physical activity as you age and also discussed the programs offered at St. John’s that help residents do just that. Laura and the HealthPro team hold  popular “Discovery Series” events each month at St. John’s Meadows. These sessions focus on relevant health and fitness topics important to older adults. Monthly sessions typically include either an interactive demonstration or clinical component to give residents helpful next steps to continue striving to remain physically fit.

“I wanted to add the social aspect of all of this,” said Esther. “We get to know each other well. We have a good time together.”

To watch Esther and Laura’s appearance, go to the 13:52 mark: Rochester in Focus- May 20, 2018.

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