Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse

It was a week full of celebrations at St. John’s Home in honor of National Nurses Week. Throughout the week, nursing staff members participated in a variety of activities. “We have done all sorts of things this year,” says Jennifer DiSalvo, assistant director of nursing.  “The staff is wearing different colors associated with themes. We have treats that we delivered to all nursing staff on the floors.” A handful of nurses were also honored at the 25th Annual Appreciation Luncheon for Nurses in Long-Term Care.  “It’s a really nice celebration and an opportunity for our staff to get dressed up,” Jennifer adds.

A special celebration was also held for retired nursing residents—21 of them to be exact! Upon entering the auditorium, residents were given a rose and escorted to their tables. Staff members served lunch and enjoyed talking about the history of nursing and its evolvement today. Resident Jeanette Gefell even wore her nursing hat.

“It’s really nice that the staff does this for us,” states resident Barbara Russak, who worked as a nurse practitioner at St. John’s Home during part of her 47 years nursing career. Even today, Barb still attends conferences and educational programs outside of St. John’s Home.

Today’s luncheon was a great way to honor those who still identify with their chosen profession, even after retirement. “Once a nurse, always a nurse,” explains Diane Bogaczak, director of nursing. “It’s just like the marines. There is no such thing as being a former nurse.”

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