13 WHAM Features St. John’s Flu Prevention Efforts

We are in the middle of flu season, and 13 WHAM News was looking to speak with a skilled nursing home in Rochester to discuss the impact that prevention efforts have had on containing further illness. Reporter Carlet Cleare visited St. John’s Home on January 17 to learn more.

Prior to coming to St. John’s Home four years ago, resident Milton Bull came down with a nasty case of the flu. Since that time, Milton has made it a point to take preventative measures seriously.  “I just decided never, never again am I going to go through that,” says Milton. “So I made sure every year to get my flu shot.”

Jennifer Disalvo– Assistant Director of Nursing at St. John’s Home– discussed with Carlet policies in place to help contain the spread of the flu virus within neighborhoods. She also talked about things the staff can do to make sure that residents living on a floor under visiting restrictions due to a flu outbreak can stay connected with loved ones. “We can bring the phone to them and they can talk to their loved one,” explains Jennifer. “We can skype or do facetime so they can talk to them without having to feel like ‘I’m going to get sick if I visit my loved one.'”

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