60 Fun Things (Within 60 Miles) with Connie Herrera

The Gift of You

“While the idea of offering loved ones the gift of our time may pale in comparison to giving them a lavish present, recent empathy research shows shared human experiences can tighten social bonds… most people agree on what makes us feel loved — the presence of our loved ones.”
– Julia Fraga, This Year, Consider Giving Presence Instead Of Presents

In this month of giving (and getting), I wanted to focus on giving the gift of yourself. Sharing your time…your interests…your passions…your experiences – and being with the ones you love.

Spending an afternoon or evening playing board games, watching an old movie, or making cookies are some ideas. But since this blog is about fun things to do within 60 miles of home, I suggest making a date to visit somewhere new, whether with a specific date or giving an “IOU” for an afternoon together.  And, if you don’t mind a plug for my “60 Fun Things” books, I’ve illustrated these ideas with examples from my books.


Does your daughter love antique shops?  An afternoon along Routes 5 & 20 will give you plenty of shops to choose from, reminisce about her growing up years—or yours—with the old kitchen items or toys for sale.




Does your grandson love trains? There are three train museums within an hour’s drive of Rochester!  




Does your granddaughter or niece love historic costumes?  The Genesee Country Village is the place—not only because costumed folk explain how people lived in the “olden days” but they have an extensive costume museum where displays and drawers filled with everything from shoes to petticoats are on view. Or visit historical societies like Valentown, which are filled with local memorabilia and stories to tell.


Is your family the outdoors-type? Experience outdoor adventures at Stony Brook Park, Cumming Nature Center, Letchworth, or a hike along the Genesee Riverway Trail.  





But maybe (especially in winter!) an indoor adventure is better. Museums and art galleries provide warm and educational refuge from the cold. 




Love animals? Visit Springdale Farm, Hidden Valley Adventures, Lollypop Farm or watch the fish at a hatchery.




Learn something new or get creative and take a class together. Have fun (and lots of laughs) while you decorate a masterpiece at one of the area’s Paint Your Own Pottery stores, or attend an event at Ganondagon and learn about the history of the Seneca people.


Whatever you choose, an I.O.U. for an afternoon of your time is always the perfect gift. Add tickets to a museum or ski center, hands-on craft class, or a day of fun at an indoor play center, and you have a unique and personalized gift. It’s a special way to share yourself with those you love. You’ll have time to talk with each other, learn something new, share something you enjoy doing, and—most important—create memories together.

Excerpts above are from these books:
60 Fun Things to Do Within 60 Miles of Rochester
60 Fun Things to Do When You’re Retired – Within 60 Miles of Rochester
60 Great Places to Go With Kids – Within 60 Miles of Rochester


Connie Herrera is the author of 60 Fun Things to Do Within 60 Miles of Rochester, 60 Great Places to Go With Kids Within 60 Miles of Rochester, and her newest book 60 Fun Things to Do When You’re Retired – Within 60 Miles of Rochester. “My goal is to help people rediscover where they live and see it with new eyes. So, if you’re new to the area, I want you to be astounded at your luck in moving here. If you’re here for a visit, I hope you’ll want to come back again to do more. And, if you’ve lived here all your life, I hope you’ll be surprised at how many places you haven’t yet explored and how many you want to visit again!” You can find out more at my website: 60funthingstodo

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