The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

If you are not into the holiday spirit yet, pay a visit to St. John’s Meadows resident Jan Proctor. Upon entering her apartment, you will be greeted by a Christmas crèche made of hand-carved olive wood from Bethlehem. Inside, you will find all things Christmas, from the clock to the collection of antique Santas. And then there is the tree – beautifully decorated with an array of ornaments, both old and new. “They all have a story,” smiles Jan.

While there are a handful of ornaments from her ancestors, Jan has collected the majority from all over the world from places like England, Germany, and Russia – just to name a few. “There are several ornaments that are over 100 years old,” states Jan. Next to the tree is a collection of Santas, all which have their own story as well. One in particular is from Germany, a hand-carved Belsnickel. “He’s the guy who brings the sticks to the kids that are naughty,” Jan explains.

The ornaments and Christmas décor are a testament to Jan’s past. Not only has Jan traveled extensively, she also has lived in various states including New Jersey, Texas, Kansas, Wisconsin, and Florida for over 25 years. A little over 3 years ago, Jan moved to Rochester after a hip injury and St. John’s Meadows was the perfect fit. “The staff is out of this world. They are the nicest group of people – They’re just good people and that’s important,” Jan concludes.

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