St. John’s Small Homes Again Featured on McKnight’s

Dr. Eleanor Feldman Barbera dedicated her most recent “The World According to Dr. El” column in McKnight’s Long-Term Care News to an examination of St. John’s journey to small homes. According to Dr. El:  “Traditional nursing homes can participate in culture change programs with great success if their leadership is committed to the philosophy through the transition period and beyond. They can retrain staff, add plants and pets and remove nursing stations, but the standard long hallways have remained — until now.”

Dr. El spoke at length with Rebecca Priest, Vice President of Skilled Nursing at St. John’s. Following their conversation, Dr. El– a psychologist– gave the move from institutional living to smaller, more comfortable settings a ringing endorsement: “I can’t think of a resident who wouldn’t prefer living in a small home or a family member who wouldn’t choose it over a traditional nursing home.”

The full article appears at McKnight’s Long-Term Care News. For more small homes images and a look at the “Code of Ethics” from one of our small homes, check out the additional content on Dr. El’s “My Better Nursing Home” website.

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