Volunteer Spotlight featuring Dave Barker

If you have not seen Dave Barker helping transport residents yet, you probably will in the near future. Dave started volunteering this past summer after his mother passed away. “I saw a lot of really dedicated people here and it’s a tough part of life to go through. The staff and volunteers were always sensitive and helpful to both my mother and I.”

Volunteering three to four days per week, Dave has formed strong relationships with a number of residents. “The residents are very appreciative,” explains Dave. Kathy Finn (pictured) is one of those residents who looks forward to seeing Dave. “Sometimes it’s just a small gesture or look or a couple of words — that’s all it takes,” states Dave.

Outside of St. John’s Home, Dave enjoys cycling, skiing, and just about anything that has to do with being outdoors.

Interested in volunteering? Contact Sandy Ferguson, volunteer services coordinator, at 585-760-1293.

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