Back To Her Roots: Karen Bovee Named Director of Social Recreation

With punch, cookies, and an overflow crowd of residents, Karen Bovee transitioned to her new role as St. John’s Meadows Director of Social Recreation. At the recent “meet and greet,” Karen made her way around from table to table as residents asked questions and chatted amongst one another about upcoming events and outings they would like to see implemented in the near future. 

A longtime employee for over twenty years, Karen started in the therapeutic recreation department at St. John’s Home before transitioning to a neighborhood administrator role. Following her passion, Karen realized she belonged in the recreation field, so she made her way back to her roots and is growing in her new position.

“Coming full circle and returning to my first love has been a blessing,” Karen explains. “St. John’s Meadows is a wonderful place and I could not be happier.” Both staff and residents are also happy for Karen. “Her warm, open manner and sense of humor assures us that she will be a wonderful asset to our community,” states resident Reva Sipser. “She is incredibly kind, sincere, and has a real connection with the elders,” adds Jean Loomis, volunteer services coordinator. 

Jean, another close-knit tie to St. John’s Home, previously worked with Karen in the therapeutic recreation department. “I shared an office with Karen and also had to shadow her,” says Jean. “Having her here at the Meadows now is just wonderful.” Both Jean and Karen will once again share an office, twenty-some years later.

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