Meadows Director of Social Recreation Retires After 17 Years

It was fitting that after nearly two decades of service as the community’s director of social recreation, Deb Hammond received her official send-off from the musical group she had always envisioned. The Meadowlarks—an ensemble made up of nearly two dozen St. John’s Meadows residents that started last year—serenaded Deb during her retirement party on Friday, July 28.  

While Deb did come up with the concept of a musical group made up of Meadows residents, she was not actively involved in the forming of the Meadowlarks. Perhaps that is also fitting, as Deb has always strived to provide residents with the tools they need to create their own recreational experiences. This philosophy has led to several successful resident-facilitated programs and events at St. John’s Meadows during Deb’s tenure.

Deb and her replacement Karen Bovee

“Deb has taught me a lot,” said Jean Loomis, St. John’s Meadows Volunteer Coordinator who has shared an office with Deb over the past 17 years. “She has taught me to slow down and think things through. She has been just a ton of fun to work with.”  

Although she worked her last official day at St. John’s Meadows on July 31, residents who are accustomed to having Deb involved in their lives will not be missing her for very long. She has agreed to continue on as a facilitator for the popular LifeBio program and will volunteer in other capacities at St. John’s Meadows during her retirement.  “I’m going to be following my own path,” said Deb. “But you know what? That path will always lead back here.”

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