Meaningful Life Musings with Tracy Koflanovich

It is so incredibly important that we give our elders our presence. It is the one thing that every single person working in this building can give, regardless of department or discipline.  And the cool thing is that it not only benefits our elders– it will feed you too! Some of the most amazing people with fascinating stories are living right under our noses and we sometimes do not even realize it.

I spent time with a lady recently who told me all about her journey from Germany to America, shared stories about raising her family, and discussed the years she spent caring for her husband who survived a major stroke. Our stories do not die after loss of independence. They’re always a part of us and we will always want to share them with others. How incredible is it here at St. John’s that we can simply jump on an elevator, be invited warmly into someone’s home, and be able to give and receive such an incredible gift.

I encourage you to consider scheduling 20 minutes into your calendar to pick a floor and visit with an elder. I promise you, you’ll be glad you did! 


Tracy Koflanovich is Therapeutic Recreation Practice Partner at St. John’s Home and heads the team helping ensure elders lead rich, meaningful lives through diverse leisure opportunities and life-affirming relationships. Tracy has been a member of the Therapeutic Recreation team for nearly nine years. This exerpt is from a message Tracy sent recently to staff members at St. John’s Home as a reminder of the impact we all can have in the lives of the elders we care for. 

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