St. John’s Partners with Love & Company

Frederick, MD [January 21]—The senior population is growing, and growing fast. The oldest of the baby boomers will be turning 70 this year, and with a new, bigger wave of retirees comes a growing senior living industry to accommodate them. Love & Company, senior living marketing specialists, have continued to expand their services and staff to keep pace with this growing industry. Here are just a few of the retirement communities that have joined Love & Company’s roster of clients in the last two months:

Summit Vista, Utah’s first Life Plan Community – a blue-sky project that will eventually have approximately 1,735 apartment homes – will be located in the Salt Lake City area, and has selected Love & Company for extensive start-up marketing and sales services. Nakoma Sky, a Posada Life start-up near Tucson, Arizona has also chosen Love & Company to assist with their advertising and marketing efforts. In Greenville, NC, Retirement Living Associates (RLA) has chosen Love & Company to assist with its new startup, SpringShire, a 38-acre, 285,000 square foot community with 20 detached homes, 157 apartments, 50 assisted living units, and 40 nursing beds. From the ground up, each of these organizations has trusted in Love & Company to deliver.

Salemtowne, a continuing care retirement community located in North Carolina, will be expanding their existing community in the upcoming year. As part of their expansion, they have chosen Love & Company for their marketing needs.

“It’s exciting to see capital flowing back into the senior housing industry,” says Tim Bracken, Vice President. “It’s almost as if someone has hit a switch. We’ve seen more retirement community startups and expansions in the last six months than we have for years.”

Last September, the company expanded its business line to include health care services marketing and have already begun to help organizations such as St. John’s, a multi-site organization located in Rochester, NY, with nursing care admissions, and strategic outreach planning and training. Bracken adds, “As fast as the independent living sector seems to be growing, we’re also seeing lots of growth for our assisted living and skilled care clients.”

To accommodate a growing client base, Love & Company welcomed Marcia Lusk to its expanding Creative Services team as Associate Creative Director. Lusk has more than 25 years of experience in advertising, copywriting, community master planning, and much more. Marcia began her role at Love & Company this past October, after relocating from Arizona to the Frederick area.

“Each client is unique, and their marketing language should reflect that,” says Lusk. “The work we do for each client must be as unique as the organization itself.”

Visit Love & Company’s corporate website to learn more.  

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