A Guide to Finding Personal Peace

stress quote

Dear St. John’s Family,

May you enjoy the experience of peace. Life is stressful. On one hand, stress can push us to accomplish great things. On the other hand, stress can grind us down and wear us out; it can make us tired and literally sick. So again, may you enjoy the experience of peace.

This booklet of quotes and thoughts about living a more centered, peaceful, stress-reduced life is prepared with the hope that it will be beneficial to you. It contains thoughts from a number of sources, some religious, some not. Reflect on those that are meaningful to you.

Please remember that the St. John’s Chapel is always open and is always available for you to use. Stop by anytime, day or night, and sit. Reflect, pray, meditate, find some peace. Snooze. This is a special space for your spiritual and physical benefit.  

Rev. Darryl Powell
Spiritual Care Practice Partner

View/download the e-booklet here. 


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