St. John’s Home Elder Gets Her Wish

Jean York was on a mission. The St. John’s Home resident joined a group of her neighbors from the Lilac neighborhood for a holiday shopping trip to Greece Ridge Mall on December 10. At 91-years-old, Jean was determined to get her ears pierced.

This would not be the first time Jean had her ears pierced. Back when she was working in a hospital, a fellow nurse used a 22 gauge needle to do the job. “It hurt,” said Jean, “but it did the job.” Unfortunately, Jean became sick years later, and was unable to keep the openings in her ears from closing up. For years, Jean has been hoping to have the piercing done again. “I had a lot of earrings I couldn’t wear,” she explained.  

Her second time would be less dramatic, but more meaningful. Jean shared that her daughter, as well as St. John’s Food Service Practice Partner Linda McCoy, have been helping her decide on the best time and place to have the procedure done for months. “She had even saved her bingo winnings to fund having it done,” said Linda, who accompanied Jean on her trip to the mall. 

Here is a short video of Jean’s big moment:


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