The Brickstone Chorale Performs at “Paul’s Chats”

Brickstone Chorale

The Brickstone Chorale is a lively chorus of Brickstone by St. John’s (and a few St. John’s Meadows) residents that gather to share their love of music. The group rehearses once a week in resident and chorale director Ruth Spina’s living room. Everyone in the group is very committed. “They don’t miss rehearsals… they just don’t,” says Spina.

The group is entering their third year together and range in age from 60 to 91. They are brought together by their common commitment. “They bring all kinds of backgrounds,” say Spina. Some even learned to read music so that they could join in the group.

It is clear that Spina has a true passion for music that inspires the group. “Their spirit is wonderful—they listen to one another’s sound, and grow.”

Brickstone Chorale

The group performed at “Paul’s Chats” (held every Friday over coffee for St. John’s Vice President of Senior Housing Paul Bartlett to update residents on what is going on throughout St. John’s and within the Brickstone community) on Friday, November 20 to get their friends and fellow residents into the Thanksgiving spirit with some holiday tunes.

After the Brickstone Chorale sang a few favorites, the crowd joined in and sang along with them. At the end of their performance, all in attendance stood and sang a powerful rendition of “God Bless America.” Both the Brickstone Chorale and the audience were beaming from ear to ear when the song was over, as friends congratulated the group on their beautiful voices.

Spina is very much rewarded by leading the Brickstone Chorale. “The fun part is watching them grow, because they love music.”

Brickstone Chorale

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