Elders Build Gingerbread Houses for George Eastman Museum Display

gingerbread house

Elders in St. John’s Home Lilac Neighborhood built two gingerbread houses this week to contribute to the George Eastman Museum Sweet Creations display. The therapeutic recreation team helped the elders build the houses and bring their “Through the Seasons” creative ideas to life.

The two houses feature a front and a back complete with sweet pumpkins, a snowman, trees, and a slide to showcase the different seasons. Elders are ecstatic to have their creation on display and will be taking a trip in the near future to see their work in action.

gingerbread house

The back of the gingerbread houses.

Sweet Creations is “an exquisite display of dozens of cleverly designed and deliciously decorated gingerbread houses and objects located throughout the museum” that has become a holiday tradition in Rochester. The display runs from Saturday, November 7 to Wednesday, December 16, 2015.

If you visit Sweet Creations this holiday season, be sure to look for our gingerbread houses!

Story update: Brickstone by St. John’s resident Nancy Demore bid on the gingerbread houses and won them! She then donated them back to St. John’s Home, where they are now on display in the Hastings lobby for the holiday season. 


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