Meadows Resident Showcases Life’s Artwork

resident artshow

St. John’s Meadows resident Hank McIver showcased his life’s artwork on October 27 for family, residents, and staff to see. Hank was joined by his family and his wife, Joan. All who attended the show enjoyed refreshments as they chuckled (and marveled) at the many cartoons Hank has illustrated over the years. 

Hank’s Background

After leaving home in Rochester, NY for a three year adventure in World War II, Hank McIver took advantage of the GI Bill to enroll at Pratt Institute and from there he embarked on his career as an art director. He spent over 20 years working in New York advertising agencies until 1972 when he left the ranks of commuters to become creative director of the newly formed Marketing Corporation of America (MCA) in Westport, CT.

Retiring after 13 years with MCA, he soon joined the Y’s Men of Westport/Weston. Stu Bernard, who had noted his background, asked if he would be willing to contribute some artwork for the bi-weekly newsletter—the beginning of a 14 year assignment.

He started out doing sketches related to the speaker’s subjects but soon he found interesting new material in noting how various fellow members were reacting to the challenges of aging.

Although Hank had spent his working life as a graphic artist, cartooning was a new field—and he found he liked it. Hank’s cartoons gently poke fun at the men he has found so interesting—but now he realizes that he is seeing himself on the drawing board. His wife, Joan, contributed frequent editorial assistance—and on occasion, necessary censorship.

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