Authors of Book “Singing in the Rain” Visit St. John’s


Vicky Ruppert and Ann Henderberg, authors of the book “Singing in the Rain: Weathering the Storm of Dementia with Humor, Love, and Patience” gave an insightful, informative presentation at St. John’s Home on October 15.

In their presentation, the authors discussed dementia, the difference between that and Alzheimer’s, and gave tips for caregivers from what they have learned through their dementia journeys. The audience sipped coffee and listened as Ruppert and Henderberg shared the relatable laughs and challenges of their experiences.

The authors also shared how they came to write their book and read some humorous and enlightening excerpts from it. After the presentation was done, Ruppert and Henderberg answered questions from the audience and signed copies of their book.


Ruppert and Henderberg demonstrate a comforting hand holding to use with a person that has dementia.


The Book

Ruppert and Henderberg’s book is a compilation of the emails they wrote to each other as they acted as each other’s main emotional support during the last three years of their husbands’ lives.

“As we were going through the dementia journey, the books that satisfied our hearts and souls the most were those in which the writer shared their day-to-day trials and emotions with the reader. For that reason we censored little when proofing the content. We wanted our readers to know that the emotions they feel as a dementia caregiver are real and normal given the circumstances. We wanted them to know that they are not alone in their feelings!”

A compelling must read for caregivers and their families…

The foreword was written by Robert Bazell of Yale University, formerly Science and Health Correspondent for NBC News. Vicky and Jim met Dr. Bazell during a filming about Alzheimer’s for NBC News.

Two caregivers chronicle the last three years of their husbands’ dementia (Alzheimer’s and Lewy body disease). Vicky and Ann tell their story as they act as each other’s support system through countless emails and journal entries. Parts of the book are surprisingly comical, poignant, and understandably tragic. The reader follows the authors from their meeting and bonding to their husbands’ deaths and beyond.

The second part of the book is a primer for every caregiver’s arsenal. It is full of no-nonsense tips and ideas. They run the gamut from picking the right doctor, working through the maze of financial issues and aids for getting through each challenge, to the search for a good nursing home and the documents needed when applying for Medicaid.

Our book was published on the two year anniversary of our husbands’ deaths. It is a tribute to the courage and dignity of two very special men. “Singing in the Rain: Weathering the Storm of Dementia with Humor, Love, and Patience” is available through or

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