Embrace Living with Reva: The Coffeehouse Discussion Series

Reva Sipser is an active resident of St. John’s Meadows who loves taking advantage of the various opportunities to get out and interact with her neighbors. She writes about many of her experiences for this blog so others can see how she embraces living.

The Coffeehouse Discussion Series

What a success the Coffeehouse experience has been! For the past five Thursdays we’ve been so privileged to have such excellent programs delivered to us at St. John’s Meadows.

Along with coffee, tea, and great pastries, we’ve had remarkable presentations and have learned so much. From talks about prosthetic hands made at RIT with 3-D printers, to a graphic lesson on the importance of protecting our fresh water supplies, to our area’s heritage of horticulture, to the success of some local charter schools, to a fascinating demonstration of Laura Wilder’s art techniques—it has all been such a successful, well-attended program series. 


The next Coffeehouse will be about the new Brighton Brickyard Trail in our own neighborhood.

The days and weeks are not long enough to participate in all the wonderful activities offered here from history to science to music and more. We are truly blessed to be living in such a vibrant community.

Reva Sipser,
St. John’s Meadows Resident

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