Happy Grandparents Day!

In honor of Grandparents Day 2015, some of our St. John’s Meadows residents shared what they love most about being a grandparent or having grandkids.

From being proud of their grandkids to enjoying the entertainment and adoration they bring, these residents clearly love everything about grandparenthood.

“What’s wonderful about grandkids is you can never make a mistake. Everything you do is perfect,” says Gene Mendelson. “You’re better than their parents!”

“I’m a grandma that’s very proud of my granddaughter,” says Jennie Huch. “She’s a marathon runner.”

Helen Burrell is a great-grandmother and loves every second of it. “They’re so cute,” she says. “My five-year-old great-grandson… he’s a know it all, but everything that comes out of his mouth is the truth!”

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