St. John’s Auxiliary Board Member’s Artwork on Display

Terry Mulee became interested in photography at a young age and has been enamored with it ever since.


Photography offered Terry the opportunity to see her world a little more clearly. “Legally blind from birth, my camera allows me to capture images that I may not fully see as I click the shutter button,” she says. 

For the month of September, Terry’s work will be displayed at St. John’s Home. The pieces are for sale and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the St. John’s Home Auxiliary, where Terry serves as a board member, communications chair, and 2015 Illumination of Love coordinator.

Terry’s mother, a resident of St. John’s Home Tulip Neighborhood from 2007 to 2009, loved visiting the photo gallery and admiring the different artwork displayed there each month. Inspired by her mother’s love for the gallery, Terry began showcasing her work at St. John’s in 2010. “She never saw my photos here, but I think she has a good perch to view them now.”

Sunsets, birds, and flowers are among Terry’s favorite subjects to photograph and her travels throughout the Northwest and Northeast are often featured in her work. 


She is also drawn to interesting angles and textures, which is evident in the uniqueness of her photographs.

Terry embraces digital photography and zoom lenses and takes advantage of utilizing the computer as a helpful tool.

“At my computer screen I can see what my naked eye missed. There are always pleasant surprises as I view my photos.”


Grab a sweet treat from the ice cream shop and check out Terry’s work this month!

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