Embrace Living with Reva: Food Has a Way of Bringing People Together

Chef Michael McCallister puts his skills on display.


Reva Sipser is an active resident of St. John’s Meadows who loves taking advantage of the various opportunities to get out and interact with her neighbors. She writes about many of her experiences for this blog so others can see how she embraces living.

What’s not to love about Lugia’s?


Last Tuesday, more than 50 residents attended the monthly Food Forum. Most came to meet our new chef, Michael McAllister, while others came with suggestions for a variety of foods they’d like added to the menu. Some voiced complaints while some expressed approval of the meals and service in the dining room and at The Market Café. Tony [Zaccaglino] reviewed last month’s suggestions and the way they had been implemented.

The highlight of the forum was a demonstration by Chef Michael of his Signature Pasta, followed by a sample of this delicious creation. The next day, I followed his instructions and (almost) replicated the recipe.

This food forum is just another example of the ways that folks in the Meadows can get together.


The sweet tooth of St. John’s residents was surely satisfied on Friday when a busload of us visited Lugia’s Ice Cream in Spencerport. The size of the servings was almost intimidating, but we managed to enjoy gigantic scoops of a delicious variety of flavors.

Sitting outdoors under a huge oak tree or in an airy gazebo with friends on a beautiful summer afternoon was the perfect way to spend the day. Thanks to Samra [Beslagic] for coming up with her First Friday Trips. Last month, we enjoyed the Rose Garden at Maplewood Park, and we’re looking forward to August’s trip to the Charlotte Lighthouse!

Reva Sipser,
St. John’s Meadows Resident

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