Six Residents Complete Latest LifeBio Session at St. John’s Meadows

Doris Wright shares some of her story with a fellow Meadows resident.

Six residents of St. John’s Meadows officially “graduated” from the LifeBio program on Friday, May 22, at a ceremony at Chestnut Court. There, each of the program’s participants showcased their work to friends, family, and neighbors.

LifeBio is an eight-week program open to residents at St. John’s to help them tell their own unique story. Each participant in the program is given assignments to jog their memory of different life events, many that seemed long forgotten. The memories are then put to paper, and the result is a story that can be passed from generation to generation.

The participants all had glowing remarks about the program and what it did for them.

Virginia Belt | “LifeBio is meeting new people and finding out that everyone’s life is a story!”

Connie Hodgkins | “LifeBio has been good for me because I have made some very nice new friends.”

Kathy Jensen | “LifeBio has made me realize the importance of each generation and its influence on who I am today.”

Diana Kubick | “Thank you, LifeBio, for allowing me to cherish those people and events that influenced my character and personality.”

Jane Pauly | “LifeBio has enabled me to remember people and events from my past that I thought were lost forever. My children are very excited to learn about my childhood.”

Doris Wright | “It has been an inspiration to relive my life and discover why I became who I am.”

For more information about LifeBio at St. John’s, contact Deb Hammond at 242-7010 or email her at You can also go to LifeBio Facebook Page.

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