McMahon School of Irish Dance Performs for Elders

Students from the McMahon School of Irish Dance put on a festive show.


On Sunday, March 15, students from the McMahon School of Irish Dance came to St. John’s Home to share in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit with the elders. Students performed routines in the auditorium to traditional Irish music wearing classic Irish dancing outfits.

“This is our first year performing at St. John’s,” says Moira McMahon, owner of the McMahon School of Irish Dance. “Thanks to Nicole Fernandez [a therapeutic recreation specialist here at St. John’s], we were asked to perform. I personally used to perform when I was a young dancer at St. John’s, but that was about 20-25 years ago!”

Moira took the time to talk to her students about why they chose to perform at St. John’s, a venue many of her students had never been exposed to before.

“I tell them we are making someone’s grandma and grandpa very happy by dancing for them,” Moira says. “They are unable to come to our shows in the community so we go to dance for them and really make their day!”

And while the elders enjoyed the show, the dancers got to build their confidence by dancing in front of a crowd. Moira says the kids are so excited to share what they learned in class that they looked forward to the opportunity to perform at St. John’s.

“I hope they feel joy and pleasure on how happy they have made everyone feel by performing for them, like I used to.”

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