Embrace Living with Esther & Deb: Spring Session of the LifeBio Program is Here

Since 2008, 95 residents have completed the LifeBio program.


Our LifeBio Program is beginning its Spring Session! You will find a talking and laughing group of nine residents and one staff member in the Chestnut Courts Parks room by the fireplace. They have breakfast together and share stories that will be organized and written down by members with the help of the two leaders—resident Esther Hammer and staff member Debbie Hammond. This group will meet every Tuesday morning from 9:30-12 noon for 8 weeks, with a finishing celebration for all residents to enjoy the last week.

These enjoyable sessions have been going on since the fall of 2008, and you couldn’t find a more congenial group having fun remembering and sharing stories from their past lives! They meet both fall and spring, following a revised program that comes from Beth Sanders, the founder of the program. Ninety-five residents have completed the program since it started here.

Some members choose to send a message to their children and grandchildren on a DVD, others may use an artistic or book form of presentation. Some make a storyboard that may be placed by their entry way. There are many different ways to tell your story, and Esther and Debby are there to help each one find what is unique to them. What is special about this program is getting to really know and appreciate the other members of the group, finding your own memory stimulated, and stories long forgotten triggered by listening to other stories.

We are delighted to see the enthusiasm and enjoyment that members have continued to express about this program, and know children and grandchildren will continue to be the grateful recipients! 

Esther Hammer, Meadows Resident
& Debbie Hammond, Meadows Staff Member

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