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Residents at Meadows and Brickstone make good use of transportation service.


I would say “Hats off” to our transportation department, but it’s too cold to be bare-headed! Still, I cannot offer enough praise to David Kunz and his staff, who have taken such good care of us this winter. Whether for grocery shopping or medical appointments or just a chance to visit friends and family, to attend a play or concert, or a trip to the train station or airport, our transportation department has provided cheerful, timely, efficient service to all our residents here.

Throughout the cold, miserable winter, no one has had to be a “shut-in.”

For those interested in statistics, I’d like to add that since David’s arrival on March 3, 2014, until the end of the year, he has received 16,751 requests for rides and has fulfilled them all.

Reva Sipser,
St. John’s Meadows Resident

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