Dan Seils’ Story

Dan Seils is a pretty well-known resident around St. John’s Home. In his almost two years here, he has made a lasting impression on residents, staff, and visitors alike. He attributes this positivity to those with whom he surrounds himself–“the Nate Sweeneys and Holly Powells of the world,” as he says.

A Rochester native, Dan is no stranger to the area or St. John’s Home. In fact, his late father Herb and step mom Jean were long time volunteers at St. John’s Home through their local church. Although Dan was already familiar with St. John’s, moving during the uncertain time of the pandemic was scary initially he said. Dan found solace in the St. John’s staff members whom he came to meet, was able to build foundational relationships, and eventually recognized the good that surrounds him.

Now that Dan has a lay of the land, he has discovered the activities that bring him the most joy. After a suggestion from St. John’s Home Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Holly Powell, Dan has rediscovered his love for art by joining the on-site offered, art workshop.

Dan is also gaining quite a reputation around the community for being extremely kind and was even noticed by visiting Fine Arts Miracles Instructor Melissa Olson for his radiating positivity and constantly helping those around him in need.

When Dan is not creating art or spreading joy, he enjoys utilizing our library to read up about spirituality, law, and medicine. Dan is a frequent participant in most of the offered activities around St. John’s Home and finds purpose in volunteering to help whenever possible. Whether it is something as simple as folding newsletters, or as exciting as his recent debut on our new commercial, Dan is always one of the first residents on whom staff members can rely to lend a hand. Dan was even given the honor of switching on the lights at our annual Illumination of Love ceremony this past holiday season.

Dan’s advice to those who wish to emulate his positive mindset is simple, “dig deep in your lowest moments and look for the good. Create a gratitude list and remember to always choose to be patient, loving, and kind.” Lastly, Dan encourages people to, “always say please, thank you, I’m sorry, and I love you as you never know what tomorrow will bring.”

Dan takes his own advice, being sure to call his twin brother Rick twice a day to tell him he loves him. Although Rick now resides in Alaska, Dan enjoys spending as much time as he can with him when he comes to town, recently celebrating their shared birthday by heading to some local favorite spots for dinner.

Dan Seils is an inspiration to so many of us at St. John’s. No matter what amount of pain he is in that day, Dan remains kind and always remembers to embrace living.