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Staff Information on COVID-19 Vaccine

We are pleased to share that St. John’s has received formal confirmation of our participation in the national roll-out of the Pfizer vaccine deployment process from Walgreens Pharmacy, which is our assigned local provider for vaccination administration. Because the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine requires two separate doses given 21 days apart to be effective, the following are details that are important for you to know at this time:

  • The designated dates of vaccination clinics at St. John’s are: 12/30/20, 1/20/21, and 2/10/21 (at Penfield Green House Homes: 1/5/21, 1/26/21, and 2/16/21).
  • Current residents of St. John’s Home (and Penfield Green House Homes), who are authorized to participate, will be given their first dose on 12/30 (for PGHH, 1/5/21) and their second dose on 1/20/21 (for PGHH, 1/26/21).
  • Participation in the vaccination program is free of charge, voluntary, and no resident or staff member can be mandated to receive the vaccine due to its emergency use authorization (EAU) classification.
  • A select number of staff members will also receive the vaccination during the scheduled clinic dates.
  • Each employee completing both vaccination doses will receive a $100 gift card after the second dose. Additionally, all employees receiving the vaccine will be entered in a drawing to win additional prizes.

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