Team Vaccine

Help Keep St. John's Safe from COVID-19

Staff vaccinations remain the #1 most effective way to kick it to COVID-19 at St. John’s.
Is now your time to get vaccinated and do your part?


Some reasons why St. John’s employees decided to get vaccinated:

“I want to do my part to keep residents and other employees safe.”

“I want to get back to a normal life.”

“I want to keep my family and close friends safe.”

“My family members are getting the vaccine.”

“I outweighed the risk with my primary care physician and felt I did enough research about the side-effects.”

“I never want to feel COVID-19 again.”


Introducing a new incentive for fully vaccinated St. John’s employees:





Shotto will reward employees who have made the choice to receive the COVID-19 vaccine for the greater good of the community.

Each Thursday from now until September 2, one randomly selected employee who has been vaccinated will win the weekly $500 jackpot!

How it works:

  • All St. John’s Home staff members who have received a complete COVID-19 vaccine dosage at the time of the weekly drawing will be eligible to receive the $500 prize.
  • A St. John’s Home resident will randomly draw one name from qualifying employees each Thursday this summer.
  • The $500 award will be added to the winning employee’s paycheck the following Friday.
  • Shotto is an additional incentive for all staff members who get vaccinated. Employees will still qualify for all other incentives, including $100 gift cards awarded following final dose of the vaccine.
  • You do not need to be vaccinated at St. John’s to qualify for Shotto! Those who receive vaccine doses at community clinics, local pharmacies, another employer, etc. will qualify with proof of vaccination.
  • Winning awardee from each week will be removed from future drawings.


Why get vaccinated against COVID-19?