Reva Sipser’s Story

Editor’s Note: Reva Sipser passed away on December 23, 2022. Reva was an active part of the St. John’s Meadows community and is greatly missed.

It is truly a blessing to find a safe and friendly residence. With no family here in Rochester, people at St. John’s Meadows have become my family.

My friendly neighbors, all kinds of activities, and plethora of volunteer opportunities have made St. John’s a great home. St. John’s is constantly encouraging residents to embrace living by continuing to grow and learn. One way it has done so is through courses offered at local colleges open to St. John’s Meadows residents.

One of my dreams of traveling to Iceland is finally coming true. I am so grateful for the freedom I have here at St. John’s Meadows so that I can travel, just as I have always enjoyed doing.