Marilyn Colby’s Story

Transitioning to independent living looks different for everyone and the wish list of amenities vary by individual. For Marilyn Colby staying active in the community was at the top of the list; and when she saw the trails outside St. John’s Meadows, she was sold!

Throughout her life Marilyn has pursued a rich and engaged lifestyle with movement being a priority. In anticipation of upcoming renovations at St. John’s Meadows including more trails, bridges, and ponds Marilyn has already mapped out where the new trail will be located in relation to her apartment. “Seeing the surroundings you live in really brings to light the true environment,” Marilyn says about the trail.

A retired SUNY Brockport professor, Marilyn also seeks to engage and educate the senior population. She started a walking group that meets every Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. in the Chestnut Court lobby. “I don’t plan the walks ahead of time,” explains Marilyn, “I see who comes and decide what they want to see and what we can discover together.” Along the way Marilyn loves to stop and appreciate nature, wildlife, and any interesting findings. “The things you love in life, you should share with others,” Marilyn says with a smile. “This isn’t the group to get your heart rate up to 200 beats per minute; it is a group to soak up the sun slow and steady.”

When Marilyn could no longer drive, it prompted her to start searching for a community that had transportation available to her. Not driving has in no way slowed her down!  Marilyn still volunteers at Chili Senior Center and participates in water aerobics classes at St. John’s Meadows. Her fascination with movement and her passion for continued education led her to teach Zentangle classes at the senior center. Zentangle is a method of drawing that has many benefits for seniors such as: relaxation, focus, and tapping into creativity. Marilyn teaches 6-8 seniors in a class being held at Chili Senior Center both this fall and winter at no charge.

Also an avid cyclist, Marilyn additionally wants to create a larger cycling group that can use Brickstone by St. John’s as a meeting point within the greater Rochester community. Her typical day begins with a walk on the trails, continues with a bicycle ride midday, and ends with another walk on the trails.

Active lifestyles do not come to a halt when one moves into a senior living community. Marilyn brings her energetic flair to the Meadows and is a great motivator to other residents to continue moving. If you can keep up with her, come visit Marilyn at St. John’s Meadows!