Chrystal Jacobs’ Story

A fact that many fellow staff members may not know about Chrystal Jacobs, Protective Services Manager, is that she first started at St. John’s Home as a unit aide. Fresh out of her studies at Monroe Community College, Chrystal began working as an aide in July 2005. Almost 20 years ago, she never realized she would find her forever career at St. John’s. 

Chrystal says that shortly after her start at St. John’s she began studying to become a CNA. She earned her certification and began working on the floors. “I enjoyed working as a CNA on 3 Hastings,” she says. “I had a lot of good interactions with residents — we kept a smile on each other’s faces.”

She recounts a story of one resident who has left a lasting impression on her — all these years later. Chrystal explains that there was one resident who would call her by the nickname of “Piglet.” 

“I would always ask her (the resident) if she was attempting to call me fat,” Chrystal says with a laugh. “I then found out from her daughter that her mother would call her ‘Pooh,‘ and that Pooh’s best friend is Piglet.” 

Chrystal says that it is moments like these that are the main reason she stays at St. John’s.

Chrystal with some of her Protective Services team.

“I remain at St. John’s because I love the atmosphere, and everyone is kind and willing to help out.” She says that people being there to help out has been instrumental in her career changes at St. John’s. The once unit aide, turned CNA, then pharmacy technician, and now, manager in the Protective Services Department, says that she is “still learning and growing.” 

“I feel like I am a work in progress, there is always room for improvement.”

This type of mentality has benefited Chrystal in her current position. 

If you visit St. John’s Home, you will likely see Chrystal up and about all day. She is rarely at her desk — answering Protective Services calls nearly every 10 minutes, which more likely than not, has her quickly roaming the building to help. Though her job is fast-paced and keeps her busy, she says it is worth it.

“A typical day is responding to a lot of different situations,” she says. “There is writing reports, interacting with residents, staff, and visiting family members.” 

“I enjoy those interactions. It really is a great place to work, it is like a big family.” 

In Chrystal’s free time, she enjoys spending time with her actual family. “I like to spend time with my grandkids or reading a book,” says Chrystal. 

She says that she feels fulfilled with her vibrant personal and work life and is looking forward to her future at St. John’s.

“I am very proud to be part of the St. John’s legacy, it is a great place to work — that is why I have been here for 19 years — I love it here.”

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