Ann Goodman’s Story

Although Ann Goodman had only lived about a mile and a half away from St. John’s Meadows most of her adult years while raising a family in Brighton, she admits that it was not until a friend of hers, Gloria Hirschberg, moved into the community that she had a true idea of what it was like. Ann says that Gloria told her, “this is like living in a hotel.”

Ann reminisces that she had many happy years in her seven room house, where she and her husband George raised their two children–Lisa, who lives nearby, and Brian, who is residing in the Albany area. She notes, however, that in the most recent years, especially after she lost her husband eight years ago, it was becoming “pretty lonely.”

“You have good times and you have bad times, and it’s not that you want to forget. It’s just time to move on,” says Ann, of choosing to leave the house she has called home since 1978 to begin anew at St. John’s.

Having moved in just short of a month ago, Ann calls herself “the new kid on the block” and notes that she is still settling in. However, having been invited by Gloria to join in activities before she officially moved into the community, Ann had the opportunity to experience what the transition would be like. “I came with a good attitude and that means a lot, ” says Ann.

Some of Ann’s favorite activities so far have been a group trip to the Casino, card groups, bingo, and a lecture. She enjoys looking at the list of activities and marking off the ones she wants to attend. And, sometimes she says that there are even impromptu gatherings in which she takes part–like a group of friends who all came together one evening and ordered Chinese food to share. “It was fun,” says Ann, who also believes, “you have to make your own fun.”

Knowing some people from the community, like Gloria and others, before she moved in made for an easier transition for Ann. “I didn’t come in cold and that helps.” And, Ann looks forward to being there for other friends who will soon be moving in.

And, when things settle down for Ann, she looks forward to hosting her family for brunch in the Briarwood Dining Room. “I have eaten there several times. The dining room is lovely.” And as the wife of a former University of Rochester Chef, who also “holds her own” in the kitchen and still cooks most of her own meals, this feedback from Ann is especially significant. “I am not as green as the average person, ” says Ann.

Overall, Ann feels confident about her decision to move. “I am happy I am here,” she says. “I was in the right place at the right time.”