St. John’s Home In Person Visits

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In Person Visitation

Visits are permitted Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on weekends from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Although not required, visitor testing for COVID-19 is strong encouraged for the protection of our residents and staff members. Visitor testing is provided Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Test results are valid for 7 days. Please arrange for testing in advance if you are planning your visit outside of the provided testing clinic hours.

All visitors must be screened prior to visiting, regardless of where the visit will take place. All visitors are required to wear masks and eye protection for the duration of the visit and at any time they are inside the building. Social distancing of at least 6 feet must be maintained from all other elders, staff members, and visitors.

Attention! Daily emails stopped on Sunday, November 7.
The New York State Department of Health is now allowing for resident COVID testing based upon contact tracing and discontinuing its formerly-required widespread surveillance model. What this means for St. John’s is that only residents who are within an exposed location will be tested once a week. St. John’s will also continue to test any resident who is exhibiting signs or symptoms of COVID-19 as well as test residents who faced exposure from trips outside of our facility.

Given this change in testing protocol, St. John’s has changed the resident, family, and staff member notification process. In place of the daily email (which stopped Sunday, November 7), we will send a notification email whenever there is a new positive test among a staff member or resident and if there will be any areas starting a new quarantine. These notifications will also be distributed by hard copy to residents on site, shared on the overhead PA system, and listed on this web page.  Additionally, we will begin sending a weekly update with testing numbers regardless if there are new positives or not; this email will come out weekly each Friday at 4:30 p.m.  If there is a new positive on a Friday, the email will contain the weekly test numbers and the notification of the new positive.

Current Visitation Guidelines

All Visits
This type of visit applies to all residents on a non-quarantined floor including any resident on hospice.
• 2 visitors in the room at one time
• No time limit
• If the visit is with more than 2 visitors, it must be conducted outside of the room.

Visit on a Quarantine Floor
This type of visit applies to:
1. Floors with active COVID cases, but where the residents are not in the COVID Cohort Area of a Floor
2. Floors that have had an exposure, but no active cases
• 2 visitors in the room at one time
• No time limit
• No visitation outside of the Resident room

Visits to Residents in a COVID Cohort Area
This type of visit applies to a COVID positive resident living in the COVID Cohort Area of the Floor.
• 2 visitors in the room at one time
• Time limit – 2 hours; Exceptions can be made to the time limit with prior approval from Nursing Administration or Medical.
• No visitation outside of the Resident room

End of Life Visits
This type of visit applies to any Resident who is actively passing; for which there is imminent death.
• Exceptions can be made to the 2 hour time limit with prior approval from Nursing Administration or Medical.
• No time limit

Current Quarantine Status

Please Note: St. John’s is currently in Outbreak Status due to staff and resident positive tests for COVID-19. Resident floors have been impacted and are currently in quarantine as noted below.

You can further reference the following chart to determine the quarantine status of your loved one’s neighborhood:

Neighborhood Quarantine Status
Hastings 1 Off Quarantine
Hastings 2 Off Quarantine
Hastings 3 Off Quarantine
Reservoir 3 Off Quarantine
Reservoir 4 Off Quarantine
Reservoir 5 Thru 12/2
Reservoir 6 Off Quarantine
South 3 Off Quarantine
South 4 Off Quarantine
South 5 Off Quarantine
South 6 Off Quarantine

Please Note:  For families of residents living on currently quarantined floors, visitation by children under the age of 2 who cannot wear a mask is prohibited. Some exceptions for residents on hospice may be made with prior authorization, but we strongly encourage visits by young children be made once quarantine has been lifted.