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Lifestyle at Brickstone

Brickstone by St. John’s offers an independent living lifestyle like no other in the Rochester, NY area. Everything is nearby to the townhomes, apartments, and bungalows with the convenience of the Brighton location, walking trails connecting to St. John’s Meadows, and a village square on the property.Designed to reflect new urbanism, the Brickstone campus encourages people to gather in the village square, take a stroll, and greet their neighbors. We sometimes call Brickstone the “un-gated” senior community, as it is designed to welcome all as an integrated part of this vibrant new neighborhood. 

Brickstone is the very latest expression of St. John’s commitment to embrace living. It offers an independent living lifestyle choice for active, independent seniors who enjoy staying connected to their favorite activities and friends, while taking advantage of opportunities to meet others and establish new relationships. 

We see Brickstone as a vibrant, open community for independent living. 

Please come and see for yourself by scheduling a visit…