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Lifestyle Choices

At St. John’s we strive to create a community where variety and spontaneity are valued and encouraged. Our homes have been designed to give seniors the opportunity to embrace living through vibrant, caring, life-affirming relationships that balance giving and receiving care.

Contemporary Independent Living at Brickstone at St John's
Independent Living

If you are an active, independent senior who wants to live a lifestyle free of the constraints of traditional home ownership and maintenance, St. John’s Meadows and Brickstone by St. John's are the perfect choice for you. 

Healthcare Services at The Hawthorne at St. John's
Healthcare Services

If you love an independent lifestyle but also require supportive health care services, The Hawthorne at St. John’s Meadows will be a perfect transition.

St. John’s is committed to providing innovative lifestyle choices for every chapter of your life from rehabilitation to long term nursing care.

Rehabilitation Services at St. John's Home
Rehabilitation Services

St. John’s Home offers inovative senior care with a wide range of lifestyle options, all depending on your need. For those that can live at home, but need some medical assistance, as well as a stimulating, off-site social environment for daily activities, our Adult Day Program is a great option.  Rehabilitation Services offers those needing a short term stay for post-hospitalization rehabilitation a comfortable private or semi-private room, expert medical attention as needed, and rehabilitation specialists that will help you reach your maximum potential.

Skilled Nursing Service at St John's Home
Skilled Nursing Service

For skilled nursing services, St. John's has two options - St. John’s Home, located across from Highland Park, and THE GREEN HOUSE® homes in Penfield. Both options provide high quality, innovative care and the opportunity to embrace living through vibrant, caring, life-affirming relationships.



St. John’s offers a range of choices for your individual need:


To learn more about embracing life your way at St. John’s, contact us to schedule a visit!