St. John's Home - Virtual Tour

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We prefer you see our community in person, but until then, please take a virtual tour.

  • Skalny Courtyard

    Skalny Courtyard
    Beautiful Skalny Courtyard is a magnificent site for celebrations of all kinds.

  • Fish pond

    Fish pond
    Elders gather around the fish pond on sunny days.

  • Outdoors with Furry Friends

    Outdoors with Furry Friends
    Elders can enjoy time with visiting pets in the courtyard.

  • Spacious Rooms

    Spacious Rooms
    Rooms are spacious and bright.

  • Dining Renovations

    Dining Renovations
    New cabinetry brings a home-like feel to elder dining areas.

  • Dining Conveniences

    Dining Conveniences
    Beverage stations are available for the convenience of elders and families.

  • Bright Dining Areas

    Bright Dining Areas
    Elders can enjoy the views from dining areas at St. John's Home

  • Beautiful View

    Beautiful View
    A view of Highland Park across the street.

  • Street of Shoppes

    Street of Shoppes
    Take a stroll down our street of shoppes.

  • Ice Cream Shop

    Ice Cream Shop
    St. John's ice cream shop is run by volunteers.

  • Ice Cream Shop and Seating Area

    Ice Cream Shop and Seating Area
    The ice cream shop has a seating area and jukebox for everyone's enjoyment.

  • Chapel

    St. John's chapel has spiritual services for all faiths.

  • Chapel

    The sanctuary at St. John's Home decorated for holiday time.

  • Library

    Elders have a vast variety of reading materials at their disposal.

  • Auditorium

    Performances and celebrations are regularly held in the auditorium.

  • Small Homes: Dining Room

    Small Homes: Dining Room
    Family-style dining is part of the Small Homes model.

  • Small Homes: Living Room

    Small Homes: Living Room
    Updated living spaces encourage increased social engagement by residents.

  • Small Homes: Resident Room

    Small Homes: Resident Room
    Renovations include an increase in the number of private rooms.