Daisy Neighborhood

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Welcome to Daisy!

The Daisy neighborhood is comprised of the 1st floor of the South Building.

Neighborhood Life This Week

There's a lot going on in the Daisy neighborhood this week! In addition to spontaneous activities that occur everyday, click on the link below to see a copy of the monthly community life calendar. All listed activities and events are open for all in the Daisy neighborhood to participate in. Thanks for being a part of the Daisy neighborhood. Hope you have a wonderful week!

Evening and Night Nursing Contacts

In the event you are unable to get the assistance you need from your neighborhood, St. John's always has a nursing supervisor in house. Please follow the appropriate steps below in order to contact them for situations that you need assistance with that cannot be handled by your neighborhood team.*

Step 1: Call Protective Services at 760-1340 and they will get ahold of the supervisor and send them to your room.

Step 2: If there is no response in a timely manner, please contact one of the two numbers below according to shift:

                       Evening: 760-1429

                       Night: 760-1482

Please note that these numbers are the supervisor’s office numbers and it may take a little more time to get a response by leaving a message. Calling Protective Services is always the quickest way to get ahold of a nursing supervisor.