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Activities at St. John’s Home

Butterfly Release at St. John's Home
Butterfly Release at St. John's Home

At St. John’s Home, activities are an extension of the Eden Alternative philosophy that encourages people to learn and grow continuously throughout their lives. The staff at St. John's Home recognizes the wisdom and experience of our elders and what we can learn from them when we build meaningful relationships. Activities at St. John’s Home are designed to foster these relationships and stimulate growth and purpose in everyday life. 

St. John's Chapel

Our elders can share their talents, such as gardening, baking, storytelling, needlecraft, art, and many others by connecting with staff, volunteers, and one another in a positive, nurturing environment.  For others who prefer quiet times of reflection, St. John’s Home offers opportunities for those preferences as well. 

Gardening at St. John's Home

Our therapeutic recreation staff are always leading activities to encourage elders to live and grow here. Other caring staff and hundreds of volunteers are dedicated to fostering meaningful relationships and helping elders embrace living, however they may choose. 

Visiting Pets

At St. John’s Home, we strive to create an elder-centered community, committed to creating a human habitat, where activities provide opportunities to build and grow relationships. We recognize elderhood as a time to both give and receive. 


We even take time now and then, on a warm sunny day, just to have some fun. 

Fun Activities at St. John's Home
Fun Activities at St. John's Home