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The Chapel at St. John's Home

Understanding The Power of Faith

St. John's believes in providing elders and residents at all of our locations with resources to maintain their spiritual lifestyle. Rooted with a Lutheran heritage, St. John's has been providing spiritual counsel for all walks of religious life for decades. With a staff of spiritual care professionals, St. John's makes it easy for you to observe your faith as you always have. We also have regular participation from various faith community members throughout the Rochester area who visit to provide even more spiritual support.

St. John's Spiritual Life Staff

Sarah Culp | Spiritual Care Practice Partner | 585-760-2634 |
Employed at St. John's since August, 2016, Sarah is the Practice Partner leading the Spiritual Life team in growing the spiritual life experience of St. John's residents through direct spiritual care and building partnerships with congregations and people of faith throughout the Rochester region.

Nancy DeRycke | Chaplain/Spiritual Life Partner | 585-760-1327 |

Bradley Klug | Spiritual Life Partner | 585-760-1418 |
Employed at St. John's since 2015, Bradley serves the elders of the Rose, Apple Blossom, and Magnolia neighborhoods as their chaplain providing spiritual care, leading worship services and Bible studies in the neighborhoods and at a community-wide chapel service on Sunday afternoons. He also supports their overall care by offering extra time and attention wherever it is needed. 

Rev. Chava Redonnet | Quality of Life Partner | 585-760-1319 |
Employed at St John's since 2010, Chava serves Hastings 2 as Quality of Life Partner, which is a mixture of the roles of chaplain and social worker, and Hastings 3 and Day Break as chaplain. She leads a bi-lingual (Spanish and English) service for Day Break every week.

Michelle Rosenbaum | Chaplain/Spiritual Life Partner | 585-760-2628 |

Jewish Community Partner

David Orange

Roman Catholic Spiritual Life Community Partners

Father Robert Kennedy
Father Gary Tyman