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Helping People, Changing Lives

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A Lifelong Caregiver

Eleanor Porter

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Longevity of a Clear Mind


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A Life of No Complaints

Jane Connor

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Collection of Bells, Lifetime of Memories

Jean Every

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Back to Her Roots

Kenny Johnson

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The Shahbazim Lifestyle

Roger Morrison

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Compelled by His Love of Stories

Kevin McGrath

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Giving Back to Elders

Carol Brink

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Embracing Living is Second Nature for Carol Brink

Reva Sipser

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Becoming Part of St. John's Family

Willie Hopson

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Lifting Willie's Spirits

Harriet Clifton and Harriet Helsher

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Two Harriett's Find Common Ground and Friendship

Lexi The Dog

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Green House Home's New Furry Companion

Merithew Benington

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The Best Decision of Brickstone

Priscilla Eichorn

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A Marine, a Wife, a Mother and Much More

Tom Hope

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An Officer and an Optimist

Dominic Puccio

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Musical Repairman Made His Mark

Art Trimble

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‘Nature Nerd’ Loves Life in the Meadows

Mike Perri

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Ice Cream Man is Volunteer Extraordinaire

Nelson Colon

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To Serve and Protect

Kris Angevine

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Education and Empowerment Keep Green Houses Homes Running

Wendy Stopani

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Home Away From Home

Helen Rockwell

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A True Giving Spirit

Yetta Sher

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Talents to Match Her Passion

John Larish

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A Way with Words

Ray and Rose Riggerello

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Family Love and Dedication

Lloyd Oldham

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On the Road with Jazz Royalty

Margaret Johnson

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A Second Chance at Life

Erica Yeager

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The Shahbazim Difference

Margaret Ward

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Lifelong artist’s talents have “blossomed” after retirement

Maria Bello

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Shahbaz’s care mindset typifies small homes initiative

Roslyn Rose

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Embracing Technology to Hone Her Craft

Sarah Culp

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Lifelong "Bridge Builder" Leads Spiritual Care Team

Anne McKenna

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New Foundation Director Returns to St. John's

Small Home Volunteers

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Enriching Lives Through Volunteering

Therapeutic Recreation

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A Meaningful Life

Dick Gollin

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University of Rochester professor is one of many retired educators who call Brickstone by St. John’s home

Berdjouhi Esmerian

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She spent most of her professional life in the publishing business, but it wasn’t until years after retirement before she decided to tell her own story.

Rebecca Priest

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The face of St. John's Small Homes was also the movement's earliest adopter