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St. John’s Meadows

Seniors who prefer to live in their own home but are looking to escape the hassles of upkeep and ownership can find a very rewarding lifestyle at St. John’s Meadows. Since 1998, St. John’s Meadows has been a connected, caring community offering seniors a variety of lifestyle choices from independent living to apartments with health care services. Residents enjoy a lifestyle with the independence of cottage or apartment living with the social advantages of a close-knit community. 

Residents at St. John’s Meadows can choose from a list of amenities such as fine dining, housekeeping, and transportation.  When you choose to live at St. John’s Meadows, you become a cherished member of the St. John’s family. St. John’s Meadows welcomes seniors to a lifestyle promoting wellness, learning opportunities, comfort, peace of mind, and a real sense of community. 

St. John’s Meadows offers seniors easy access to many other neighborhoods and attractions in the greater Rochester community. The shops and restaurants in College Town are close by and Highland Park is right across the road. Seniors at St. John’s Meadows have access to doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare services nearby. By choosing an independent living lifestyle at St. John’s Meadows, you can continue the lifestyle you love and spend more time doing so, being freed from the constraints of home ownership. 

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