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Joanne Braeunle

Joanne Braeunle
Corporate Strategy Officer
(585) 760-7337
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Years of Employment: Since 2012

Experience at St. John’s: I have served St. John’s in several capacities. Starting in 2002, I was elected to the Meadows board of directors and later also became a board member for St. John’s Senior Services. In 2007, when St. John’s began looking at the property adjacent to St. John's Meadows, I resigned from the board of directors and was hired as a consultant to be the project manager for Brickstone. In 2008, I was also asked to oversee the design and construction of St. John’s Penfield Green House homes. In 2012, I joined St. John’s as an employee, with responsibilities for strategic programs across St. John’s. With the project complete at Brickstone, I assumed corporate-wide responsibility for Strategic Planning, Compliance, Risk Management,  and Policies & Procedures, in addition to managing large projects for St. John’s.

Past work experience: I began my career as a systems engineer working on space-based imaging systems for Eastman Kodak Company. Promotions included project management, operations group leader, and business manager. As a business segment vice president at Kodak, I was responsible for $60M in revenue and led an organization of 300 people. In 2001, I left Kodak to begin a career as an executive management consultant, assisting not-for-profit organizations in strategic planning, process improvement, project management and general business management.

Education and training pertaining to your position:

  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Clarkson University
  • Executive M.B.A. from Rochester Institute of Technology

Personal life (family and hobbies): I am married to Ed Braeunle, a software engineer at Xerox. I have two daughters, one a recent college graduate and the youngest in college. My family lives in Rush, where we can be frequently found hiking with our dog, riding bikes, and enjoying the rural country side. We are members of a local German folk dancing club and enjoy traveling in Europe.

Why did you choose to work for St. John’s? My parents were just entering their late senior years, and to find work as a project engineer in an industry that I wanted to understand was a great opportunity.

What are you most proud of here at St. John’s? Both Brickstone and the Penfield Green House homes are the realization of a focused effort and strong determination to work against the odds to create innovative communities for seniors. I am thrilled to have played a role in bringing those communities to fruition.

Sum up your personality in one word. Organized

What is your favorite part about working here? Knowing that what I do supports our seniors.

What do you look forward to most when coming to work? I so enjoy a workplace that is oftentimes fun, despite being in a business that outsiders would seldom consider “fun.” I did rocket science in my prior life. Embracing living is a lot more fun than that!

How do you embrace living? I make it a point to smile and say "hello" to everyone I meet in the common areas of St. John’s. I often offer to walk with visitors to make sure they find their destination and I make sure that visitors who stop by our office area get connected with the right staff who can help address their questions or concerns.