Foursomes Pose During the St. John's 26th Annual Golf Tournament

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There were 27 groups of four out on the course at Midvale Country Club helping raise money for the elders of St. John's at the St. John's 26th Annual Golf Tournament on Monday, July 20. Smiles were par for the couse, and by that measure it might have been a course record!

For information on St. John's 27th Annual Golf Tournament in 2016 click here.

  • Group 7A

    Group 7A

  • Group 7B

    Group 7B

  • Group 9A

    Group 9A

  • Group 6A

    Group 6A

  • Group 8A

    Group 8A

  • Group 5A

    Group 5A

  • Group 8B

    Group 8B

  • Group 3A

    Group 3A

  • Group 5B

    Group 5B

  • Group 4A

    Group 4A

  • Group 2A

    Group 2A

  • Group 1A

    Group 1A

  • Group 3B

    Group 3B

  • Group 1B

    Group 1B

  • Group 18A

    Group 18A

  • Group 17A

    Group 17A

  • Group 17B

    Group 17B

  • Group 15A

    Group 15A

  • Group 16A

    Group 16A

  • Group 13A

    Group 13A

  • Group 13B

    Group 13B

  • Group 14A

    Group 14A

  • Group 12A

    Group 12A

  • Group 10A

    Group 10A

  • Group 12B

    Group 12B

  • Group 11A

    Group 11A

  • Group 10B

    Group 10B