Volunteer Spotlight featuring Marian Tuchrello

A long time St. John’s volunteer, Marian Tuchrello, has lived her life around helping others. “My paying it forward is to just hear someone say thank you. I always want to help,” states Marian. A little over four years ago, Marian began volunteering at St. John’s Home. Volunteering 3 days per week, about 6-8 hours total, Marian can be found in the gift shop making sure residents and families are finding the items they need. “Sometimes people ask me where my cot is because they think I live here,” jokes Marian.

Born and raised in Avon, Marian spent 25 years of her life as an EMT firefighter. “I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives,” Marian explains. Today, Marian still lives by her motto of helping others by spending time with residents and family members when they come into the gift shop. “This is their home and we have to make it as home-like as possible. I spend a lot of time making sure it’s easy for everyone.”

In her spare time, Marian enjoys playing euchre and crocheting blankets for her nieces and nephews. “With the extra yarn, I make lap throws for cancer patients at Strong. I put out about 40 per year,” Marian states. Volunteering has been a part of Marian’s life for as long as she can remember. “You have to love to volunteer to make residents and family members feel like they are important. They are not just another bag going out the door.”

Interested in volunteering? Contact Sandy Ferguson, volunteer services coordinator, at 585-760-1293.

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