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I look forward to being able to spend time with my wife because every day is important and it is even more important that she is taken care of. We are able to enjoy each other’s company. He takes care of me and I take care of him.

Jennie and Frank Profeta 



This is the place. Brickstone is very exciting. I like the idea of being part of the community – where people can come in from the neighborhood. The location could not be more perfect for me. It's close to my church, my gym, Highland Park, and the library.

Carol Brink


I think that the small homes model is definitely the way to go. We enjoy dining with other residents and have enjoyed getting to know them and their families very well. I like the sense of community and familiarity.

Dianne Lochner, family member




After my husband lived here and got tremendous care, I knew that when it came time for my parents to move into such a facility, there was only one place to go and that was St. John’s. I waited and waited until availability opened up. I remember walking into the Hastings entrance and thinking to myself, 'I must have made a mistake.' I felt like I had just walked into a beautiful hotel.

Connie Hutteman, family member


My mom has been suffering with ALZHEIMER'S for over 8 years. As I write this my Mom is transitioning through the last journey through life. I cannot express enough the gratitude our family has for Everyone at St. John's, from the nursing staff, aides, doctors and maintenance crew! All have gone above and beyond to show genuine love and compassion to my mom and our family! I truly believe their is no place finer, more loving, and professional than St. John's. Our family can not thank everyone at St. John's enough!

Thomas DiFazio, family member


Independence and Choice

Having a sense of independence is very important to me. I am grateful that St. John’s Meadows respects that. I am able to do my own cooking, go shopping whenever I desire, while still being provided with helpful resources which I can depend upon.

It is nice that every resident has the opportunity to decide how much or how little involvement they wish to have in St. John’s Meadows community.

Reva Sipser


Care and Security 

At St. John’s Meadows, I feel much more secure than I would have living at home. There is a great sense of security.

The type of life I lead here is not restricted by my age or energy level. I can lead a complete and full life. There are always people to help you and give you guidance. I don’t know where I could live that would equal the level of enjoyment that I get from living here. It is not possible in my opinion.

Sam Boni


I have been involved in having friends and relatives in nursing homes in the last 15 years and I am very impressed with the care given to the residents of St. John's.

Jane Passino


For every day of Dad's almost four months in St. John's Home both he and we deeply appreciated the quality of care he was receiving and the quality of support our family received.

Dave Larsen


I have lived at St. John's Meadows for many years, and on these long winter days I got to thinking how lucky I am to be here. The staff in every department is outstanding and we are fortunate to have them.

Nancy Petrich, St. John's Meadows Resident


We are very impressed with the assistance that the staff at St. John’s Meadows provides Bob and enables him to continue in such an important activity. The aides go out of their way to get Bob ready for rehearsal three evenings a week, come along with him to rehearsals, and also see that he gets to church on Sundays. The people who support him at St. John’s have made a big difference in his life.

Richard Moncrief, Financial Administrator at Asbury First United Methodist Church




I really believe I was meant to work at this Green House home in Penfield and honestly, the elders are my second family.

Wendi, Shahbazim 


Excellent activity staff! Every time I attend I observe Therese and others in uplifting, respectful engagement with residents. Grateful are we!

Heather Lange, caregiver of a resident, St. John's Home


Peace of Mind

The staff members are great. They're good friends and really take care of my mother. It's nice to know I can be here if I have to be, but it frees me up to do other things.

Ann Finger, family member


This is a message for the nurses on the 3rd floor of South Tower--My grandfather passed away (recently) and I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to the wonderful staff that helped him during his time there. I truly appreciate everything that you did for him and our family during this difficult time. Much appreciation, and you are GREAT nurses and aides. Thank you again!

Brita Down, family member


I would like to express my gratitude for the two years my mother lived at St. John’s Meadows. She passed away last week, rather suddenly, but led a full life almost up until she was to have her 94th birthday. She and my father made it to their 70th anniversary.

I live in Sweden which is known for its progressive elder care and health care system, but I must say there is nothing quite like or as good as St. John’s Meadows. You have succeeded in creating a caring culture, reflected in your staff, of course, and in the polite, kind, and caring manner the residents look after one another.

I tell people here that my mom was living in a world-class environment. I wish to congratulate you on that and to wish you and your staff all the best for the current and future care of your residents.

John S., family member 


Just wanted to let you know how special you all are and how very much we all appreciated your warm embrace.

Your kindness, your sincerity, and your unique knack of knowing when to be there when we needed you most, are just a few of the extraordinary gifts and special talents that we so enjoyed.

While we will miss you dearly, we will never forget you and thank our luck stars for having had the opportunity to be part of your wonderful family.

You are the BEST!

The Pastore Family



I like it here. Any chance I have to come, I do. It’s like a second home.

Mike Perri, St. John’s Home volunteer 


Can't begin to tell you how much you have meant to Mom and all of us since you first embraced our family nearly two years ago. Your care, compassion, guidance, concern, and LOVE has brought more comfort to us than you will ever know. You're an ANGEL in disguise and the world's a better place because of you!

The Pastore Family


I visited my grandmother nearly every day and spent a lot of time with the Hastings 2 staff and I must tell you they are all wonderful human beings. I miss seeing each of them and want you to know how grateful I am to each of them for the care they gave my grandmother and also that they were compassionate and loving to my grandfather, age 90 who visited nearly every day as well as my mother. Please recognize this floor as a top rate, caregiving floor.

I also wanted you to know that all the staff I have come into contact with over these nearly four years including clerical personnel, the staff at the beauty parlor, dining and cleaning services have always been professional and courteous to my family and I.

Kristine M., family member