• Cooking Fun

    Cooking Fun
    Shahbazim stir up some fun as they prepare meals in the open kitchen.

  • Warm Relationships

    Warm Relationships
    Warm relationships are the basis of daily life at the Green House home.

  • Staying Connected

    Staying Connected
    Staff help elders stay connected with the use of technology in a comfortable environment.

  • Furry Friends

    Furry Friends
    Visiting friendly pets brighten everyone's spirits.

  • Take a Stroll

    Take a Stroll
    At the Penfield Green House homes, you can take a stroll around the pond.

  • Gardens and Outdoor Space

    Gardens and Outdoor Space
    The Green House homes have plenty of outdoor space to enjoy and gardens elders can tend to.

  • Rooms with a View

    Rooms with a View
    All elders have their own bedrooms with bright windows to see outdoors.

  • Personalized Space

    Personalized Space
    Having a private room allows elders to have things that are important nearby.

  • Dining Convivium

    Dining Convivium
    People gather at the dining table to share in convivium and conversation.

  • Where Love Matters

    Where Love Matters
    Love abounds in St. John's Green House homes.

  • Moore House Dedication

    Moore House Dedication
    Elders and staff celebrate the dedication of the Moore House, one of St. John's Green House homes in Penfield.

  • Moore House Dedication

    Moore House Dedication
    Friends of St. John's gather to dedicate the Moore House, a Green House home, located in Penfield.